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Redfern once again surprises me with its new addition on Abercrombie St and this recently opened place comes with the focus and promise of quality tea. Yes! You read it right! They are dedicated to only serve tea and its variations here. 

From the same people behind The Sydney Tea Festival as well as The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea business, Corrine Smith and Amara Jarratt, thought that this is the time to fulfill their original dream to open a tea bar and redefine people's thought about tea. 

It looks like an old warehouse from the outside but step inside the interior is a whole different story! I love the rustic feel they give upon entering with the combination of brick wall, white to white-washed furnitures and decorations. 

The combination of marble table, porcelain pieces, gold cutleries, and pretty looking sweets have totally captured my heart as I can't stop admiring this magical combination!

While waiting, we started with this Matcha Whoopie Pie, soft and moist, dome shaped dark chocolate cookies with smooth creamy matcha filling. Try one and yes I'm now addicted to this simple but oh-so-divine treat!

I always think lavender looks so feminine especially in the form of this Shortbread Cookie. The shortbread was buttery and delicate with florally lavender fragrant and it was perfect as a sweet bite to serve with tea.

As for the Matcha Pretzel, it was much more bread-y than the pretzel I usually eat. It had soft chewy dough but unfortunately wasn't that crusty and I couldn't taste the matcha flavour at all.


I am a total addict when it comes to matcha and/or granola and I definitely won't think twice once I see those two on the menu. Rabbit Hole serves their Matcha Granola with fresh strawberry, freeze dried raspberry and unsweetened yoghurt. Granola was light and crunchy but I personally couldn't taste any matcha flavour as it was very subtle (I almost think it's vanilla). 

Another healthy option to choose from is their Quinoa Bowl! Packed with goodness and all the essential nutrients, quinoa is simply making it as the ultimate ingredient that can't go wrong with poached eggs, avocado and assam tomato chutney. 

Pulled Pork is everyone's favourite now and perfect when sandwiched between lightly toasted milk bun and topped with zesty cucumber slaw, red cabbage and spicy mango. 

As for the Tuna Mousse Sandwich, they served on a panini style with wasabi mayo and iceberg lettuce. I like it when the the filling is not overly smooth and still has that tuna's "meaty" texture.

I believe there's always room for improvement considering this tea bar creates a new dimension to a dining experience by pairing teas with particular types of food as well as their extensive drink list. Unfortunately (for me), most of the drinks are served hot and I ended up not ordering (although I've been eyeing their latte) as it was a hot afternoon when I visited this place and they couldn't make it as an iced latte.

The Menu List (Thanks Corrine for the copy!):


The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar
146 Abercrombie Street, Redfern
Opening Hours:
8am - 4pm Monday to Saturday, 9am - 4pm on Sunday
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  1. This place isn't too far from my work, I'll have to get my butt here!!! Love the shortbread, so cute!

    1. Lucky you! This place is so pretty and a great one for lunch break right.. LOL
      I like their shortbread too.. so pretty with a clear earl grey taste as well


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