Hi everyone!!

This is our first post in our first blog.. YEAY!!! I am super excited right now!!

Mr and Mrs Nomnom are used to live in Sydney before he had the opportunity to work in Bangkok, Thailand for 2 years. We are overwhelmed with the additional eateries we heard for the past 2 years. 
And now.. Since we are back.. We will try to catch up with all of them.. *Please bear with me oh dear belly fat.. LOL*

I guess since we were able to explore Thailand for the past 2 years.. We will also blog about it in the future. Hopefully, for you guys who want to visit Thailand, our posts can help you enjoy the yummiest side of Thailand *finger crossed*

Ooh.. Please bear with us since we are a newbie in blogging world. All supportive comments and suggestions are welcomed with a super big heart.. *teehee..*

Thank you for reading.. and we can't wait to start posting all yummy yummy foods we have tried..

See you on the next post!

-Mr. and Mrs. Nomnom-

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