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Mr Men and Little Miss Pop Up Cafe - Marching Soon Into Kumoya From July 5th!

I still remember those times when we were younger (oops!) - my friends and I, we're identifying each other's characteristic with those quirky and cute characters from Mr Men and Little Miss series. Dear Mr Sneeze, Little Miss Naughty, Mr Greedy, Mr Tall, Little Miss Shy - one thing for sure, you know who you are and there's always a Mr Men and Little Miss for everyone! 

Kumoya, the name we're already so familiar with all the success of previous pop-up collaborations (Cinnamoroll, Miffy, We Bare Bears, and the latest Tokidoki) is going to be the first fully fledged Mr Men and Little Miss pop-up cafe from July 5th to the end of SeptemberThis time, it is going to be more special with more "Singaporean-ness" incorporated into the theme as well as to even having a photobooth with Little Miss Princess wearing a Sarong Kebaya! 

Now get your taste-buds ready as I'll show you some of their NEW AND SPECIAL menu curated and styled by the one and only Shirley Wong (also known as Little Miss Bento). This time, it will feature locally-inspired mains, desserts and beverages - all customized for Singapore's taste. 
Fried Mantou with House-Made Chili Crab Dip ($11.90+)
Singapore's iconic dish, Chili Crab's sweet and savoury tomato and chili based sauce goes hand in hand with Kumoya's fried mantou! You can also have the sauce with their hand-cut fries for $12.90+.

Tempura Mackerel Otah with Sambal Mayo ($12.90+)
A Japanese classic infused with local touch that comes with an equally sedap sambal mayo!
Mr Bump Knock-out Nasi Lemak ($23.90+)
The shall not be missed fluffy fragrant butterfly pea flower coconut rice (authentically "bandaged" with popiah skin), served with tempura sambal prawn, crispy golden fried chikcen, crunchy walnut and anchovies. Not to forget, the colorful keropok, potato croquette, and ramen egg on the side!

Little Miss Princess Pretty Pink Mac & Cheese ($18.90+)
It's all pretty in pink when Little Miss Princess is around. Here you'll have pink beetroot macaroni pasta served with beef meatballs, crispy turkey bacon, and completed with the cute carrot crown and princess!

Go Big on Little Miss Tiny Sweet Burger (Fish $19.90+, Softshell Crab $22.90+)
The scene stealer, a pink Little Miss Tiny quail egg is deliciously surrounded by sweet and sour tempura fish or if you prefer, a black pepper tempura soft shell crab burger. The burger will be served in a special "book" bun with hand-cut fries and fresh garden salad. 

Mr Strong Chili Crab Pasta ($21.90+)
Tuck into this chili crab pasta served with crunchy tempura soft shell crab, fresh garden salad, tomato confit, and finished with cute cheese stars!

Mr Happy Delightful Pancakes ($23.90+)
Let's have big breakfast with Mr Happy! Fluffy buttermilk pancakes (don't forget to smear a lot of traditional kaya jam on top) served with hash brown, scrambled eggs, roasted portobello mushrooms, carrots and tempura mackerel otah will put a huge smile on your face. 

Little Miss Princess Bandung Strawberry Parfait ($18.90+)
Kumoya's Parfait has always been their best seller! Here we have special double swirl strawberry Hokkaido soft serve served with cute Little Miss Princess cookies, Bandung pudding, strawberry sponge cake, fresh berries, strawberry chocolate coated crunch, and berries sauce to complete this royal dessert. 

Mr Men and Little Miss Special Chocolate Fondue Platter ($23.90+)
Special double swirl strawberry Hokkaido soft serve, together with fresh fruits, homemade Milo brownies, cute donuts on sticks, and local agar agar ang ku kueh make a perfect companion for the chocolate dip! 

Mr Bump Pow-Wow Pandan Sponge Cake ($17.90+)
Here we have pandan sponge cake with Gula Melaka frosting served with Hokkaido soft serve, nata de coco, kidney beans, sweet corn, and magic star cotton candy! 
Ps: don't forget to add the extra Gula Melaka shot for extra indulgence.

Mr Happy's Cheerful Calamansi Strawberry Tart ($18.90+)
Refreshingly sour and delightfully sweet calamansi tart is not complete without the Hokkaido soft serve, old school gem tartlets, a cute Mr Happy cookie, and last but not least, the magic starts cotton candy.

As for the drinks, the Chendol Gula Melaka Frappe ($14.90+) definitely catches my attention with its local character complete with all the toppings and pandan leaves garnish.

I hope this lil bit of a sneak peak of their menu will build your excitement! Don't forget to share and ask all your friends to join you on your cute adventure with Kumoya from July 5th to the end of September

I will definitely update this with more photos of their menu closer to the opening date, so stay tuned!

Please also note that:
All prices are subjected to 10% service charge.
- Dining time is limited to 90 minutes and there is a minimum spending of $10 per person.

Kumoya X Mr Men and Little Miss Pop-Up Cafe (from July 5th to the end of September)
8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore (MRT: Lavender/Bugis)
Opening Hours:
12pm - 9.30pm on Tuesday - Thursday and Sunday
12pm - 10.30pm on Friday and Saturday
(L.O 30 minutes before closing)

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